When winter comes to our home island, in the northern hemisphere, the Jardín team crosses the ocean to keep on cooking. In JBS (Jardín by Sarava), our house Uruguayan Arenas Jose Ignacio house, near Punta del Este, Maca de Castro applies her style to the products of the environment. This maritime restobar is the setting deploys its creative vision of Mediterranean cuisine, but adapting to the local pantry without mergers à la mode. In her Atlantic Charter, reinterprets her classic bistro and her gourmet restaurant recipes in Mallorca, awarded Michelin star since 2012. Since its release in December 2013, our American enclosure has become one of the hot spots of the Uruguayan gastronomy circuit.

Ruta 10 - Km 185
Arenas de José Ignacio -
Maldonado - Uruguay
Tel. +598 44862826



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